Meet The Team - Nada Tariq

Nada Tariq

We want you to get to know of our Architects a little better - say hello to Nada Tariq. 


I’m most proud of my ...
Achievements in life.

If I had no limits, I’d create …
A system that would ensure everyone had a home. No one would ever have to go another day with being out in the streets. Perhaps a system that would enable us to create affordable housing at a very fast pace.

I became an architect because …
We spend most our lives inside buildings. Whether that’s our houses, offices, shopping centres etc. To be one responsible for designing the space that people inhabit is very exciting. Its almost like designing the life of the people who will be using the space.

I’m inspired by …
Modular Architecture such as some of the works by Jorn Utzon. Something about repetition of patterns and regularity that brings discipline to design. Modular architecture is also easy on the eye as it represents simplicity.

My favourite places are …
Numerous! A list could go on forever. However I believe as long as you are with a person/people you enjoy being around, anywhere could become your favourite place.

I advise everyone to … 
Enjoy life! Focus on the positives; love more and hate less! ✌🏼

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