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Why choose Modular construction….

As every professional in the building industry knows, construction can be a costly and endlessly time-consuming endeavour. Delays can be induced by a whole host of causes. Lengthy construction projects can negatively impact public perception of a project even before it has been built and inconvenience those who live or work close to the building site. Some projects simply need to be built along a faster timeline than is typically feasible for a traditional construction project. Thankfully, there exists a solution for those seeking to drastically reduce construction times - Modular Construction.

Designing for modular is quite bespoke, it’s a similar design enigma as IKEA have in designing product to look good, be practical, economical and fit in the delivery box. Logistical access to site, crane locations etc need to be considered very carefully.  The structure of the unit layouts and wall locations must suit the delivery parameters of the modular units whilst keeping the number of units economical.

Whilst Modular is slightly more expensive than traditionally constructed housing, the advantages far outweigh the finances;

  • Speed of erection and predictability of delivery timescales
  • Sustainability
  • Environmental performance
  • Quality of build
  • Negligible site waste
  • Cost certainty
  • Helps resolve construction market capacity issues in materials and labour supply

Graham Edward, Managing Director, commented, “We have recently completed 2 assisted living schemes in Brighouse and Shrewsbury for M_AR and Housing 21. We also have a 3 storey scheme in Bromley starting on site on March 2021. The pipeline of work in the office at planning stage is really exciting and it is proving to be Nationwide in demand.”

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